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Nantong Xinke Rubber & Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1958 June, plant covers an area of 60 acres, more than 230 employees , is the earliest production Hot Press machine in Jiangsu province, is also the key enterprise specialized in manufacturing various types of pressure forming machine. On many occasions to participate in national, industry standard setting work, has created a number of domestic first .

More than half a century, the company's "shuangma" Hot Press throughout the country (except Taiwan), and exported to 11 countries and regions. Accumulated more than 7000 domestic and international customers with more than 100000 equipment. Because of its appropriate customized design、good price、considerate service and obvious energy-saving advantage has been well received by our customers. It repeatedly won the national Ministry of agriculture, the former Ministry of light industry and chemical department awarded excellent appearance design, quality trustworthy brand and titles more than 20, inspection-free product, the provincial credit enterprise and total quality management outstanding enterprise etc.. The company passed the ISO9001 quality system certification.

The company has produced different kinds of rubber vulcanizing machine, polymer plate hot press, melamine products molding machine, rubber mixing machine, rubber foaming machine, solid tire molding machine, plastic floor hot press and double diaphragm type hydraulic control valve in 8 categories ,27 series , a total of more than 200 standard models. It has already become the domestic military units, research institutes and enterprises of an important equipment suppliers. Compared with peer enterprises: we have a wealth of manufacturing experience; a group of industry technical elite and excellent technicians; with a number of patented technologies and proprietary manufacturing process; and good at making large-scale customization equipment design and giant building casting processing.